Available Placements/Jobs

Below is a list of the current opportunities with BASE Members.  Please contact the member directly to discuss the job.

Odyssée Agri is working in France to place young farmers to have working experience abroad. I can have very different profiles. For your information, you can click on the following link and especially on the British flag to get the English version : www.odyssee-agri.com or https://www.facebook.com/odysseeagri/

On the other side, our goal is to develop the inbound program.

Indeed, Odyssée Agri will extend the activity by hosting young farmers in our network. There are various opportunities. We have already started to do it and the enthousiasm within cereal industry is very high.

Applicants are employed and get the conventional wage. For someone coming from outside Europe, he or she could come under the working holiday visa (eligible countries only).

In your network, you may know people interested by such experience. They are free to make contacts in order to get better introduction. This exchange allows Odyssée Agri to find the best opportunity available for a potential applicant. If this is of interest, please follow the links in the first paragraph of this article.