Farm Walk – Toby Baxter 13th July 2016

From left to right - Vincent Cugent, Simon Porter, Jason Butler, Toby Baxter, Alastair McGregor & John CooperToby Baxter hosted a farm walk on 13th July 2016.  The group met at Chavanage Farm near Cirencester and viewed Toby’s direct drilled Linseed, Winter Barley, 1st and 2nd Wheat and Peas.

The Linseed was direct drilled between 10th and 14th May after sheep grazed stubble turnips.  As a point of interest the stubble turnips had a cover crop of Spring Barley sown after them prior to the Linseed being drilled.  The cover crop of Spring Barley reached a height of 15 – 20 cm before it was sprayed and the Linseed was drilled.  Toby’s thought behind this was to ensure constant cover in the soil.

Toby then took the group to see his Winter Barley, Winter Wheat and Peas – a good discussion was had by all about these.

As most of the group travelled via Cirencester on the way home, Toby took the group to see his Ahi Flower – see picture below.

IMG_1955 - Ahi flower


This is a broad leaf break crop and a good source of Omega 3 oil.




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