Posted March, 24th, 2020

Frederic has sent through the following message regarding recent developments on glyphosate. Please see his note below and the link:

Hello all, 

This confinement give us time to sort things, clean the office and prepare the after crisis. Medicare but also agriculture will probably be brought back on the top strategical activities and with CA we have never been so well positioned. This is the video we made just after the speech of the Minister of Agriculture about CA. We just have done the translation of the sub-titles for a better understanding for you. To get it just click on the wheel on the bottom right and chose the language of the sub-title you like to have.

Beside this : still a lot to do at home after the week of confinement ; so we are safe so far! 

Hope you are in the same mood

All the best to you all and hope to be able to visit you soon. Before this we will keep in touch this way!

Frederic Thomas