Biodiversity, Agriculture, Soil & Environment

BASE-UK was founded in 2012 and is a farmer led knowledge exchange organisation for individuals interested in regenerative agriculture and passionate about the sustainability, health, and growth of our soil and therefore our industry.

BASE stands for Biodiversity – Agriculture - Soil – Environment and the UK group was formed to run in parallel with the innovative and influential group started in Brittany by Frederic Thomas.

The group follows the principles which are fundamentally about carbon management and health in soil based on 3 core principles:

  • Minimum soil disturbance.
  • Residue cover on the soil.
  • Rotations.


BASE-UK provides a means to share the wealth of experience, knowledge and collective learning of their members and encourages members to present their experiences and host farm visits.

The association is funded by individual member subscriptions.

More recently, due to the pandemic, we have moved to virtual member meetings with a variety of speakers from our own members to key scientists and researchers.  Due to the success of these member meetings, we intend to continue with these however, we will be actively encouraging members to hold farm walks as soon as permissions allow.

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Posted: 2nd November

Member Meeting with John Kempf


Posted: 14th October

Member Meeting with Eric Hegger of Novacrop


Posted: 11th October

Member Meetings with Eric Hegger on 14th and 21st October 2021